Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

10 sms romantis buat pacar (versi B.inggris)

Sms – sms cinta Romantis buat pacar. Kali ini blog cinta akan memberikan kamu sms – sms cinta atau kata-kata Romantis. Tapi versi yang bahasa inggris. ada 10 sms yang diberikan buat kamu kali ini. Langsung saja yuk, intip sms-sms nya.
your self likes fairy in my alive
your smile likes rainbow in my alive
suppose there fairy always smile,
it is only you
i always shall beside you
during i still love with you.
i always watch over you
during i still to want you.

this my alive only to you alas my darling
i want you always present in my alive
at every step, believe me, you are created to me
although time will can to call entire my bodies
i want you know, at always mine, love you
i am sorry can not make you happy
i am sorry can not make you to smile
i really can not do that thing forever make you,
but i can make you more than happy and smile
but i am excessive love you,
i even also can not forget your self.
your self is too valuable for me,
not able i am to forget you
because i love you
all i have given only to you
unnecessary you ask again who is this heart owner,
because you know this just for you.
please see me, and answer my question,
do you love me?
and what me means to make you?
stare the beautiful smile at your face,
make me to hush and immovable.
will understand present it will toes beatiful,
moment you embrace intimate my body.
many words not can i lay open,
to your self.
really only your self is me love,
and really i beside you up to i shall die
still here wait for you
will hope to love us ally,
still here menuggu
wait for answers to love me,
that is you beatiful, and i always shall wait to love you to be my property
i love you,
i am your darling,
which during the time always along with you.

i yearn you,
i am your beautiful dream,
last in your livelihood
Bagaimana kata-kata romantis / sms romantis versi bahasa inggris diatas??
Kalian copy saja, dan kalian kirimin ke pacar kamu deh.. :)

sumber: http://devan-love.blogspot.com/search/label/SMS%20cinta

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